Maryland Hang Gliding Association

Membership Application 2012

Please enter your information and make any corrections. Don’t forget to fill in your USHGA expiration date. Make your check payable to “MHGA” and return with the form in the envelope provided. Thank you.



City, State, Zip:

USHGA Number:

USHGA Expiration Date:

Home Phone:

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Emergency Contact:

MHGA Only Membership $25.00

MHGA Flying Membership (includes Pulpit sticker) $40.00

Joint MHGA\CHGPA Membership (includes Pulpit sticker) $55.00

Pulpit sticker only $15.00

(Pulpit memberships include flying privileges at Bill’s Hill, Fisher Rd. and The Pulpit)

Send to: MHGA

703 Brickston Rd.

Reisterstown, MD 21136