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The next meeting / "meet and greet" Left hugRight hug of the Maryland Hanggliding Association will be held on Saturday, February 23rd. at 6:30pm.  Why Saturday?  Why not?  Figured since it was the dead of winter and most of you won't be out flying....we might as well do it up on a Saturday to avoid the hassles of Friday Auto rush hour traffic, etc. etc. 
We're going to have some pub grubPizza  style eats; soda, beerMug and wine.  First come, first served.  And......any contributions to the cause would be greatly appreciated like....bring a dish, appetizer, dessert, booze etc.  Thumbs up
Some of the topics for the meeting portion will be: 
* the annual High Rock tax dilemma and what do do about it other than shrug.Fingers crossed
* membership dues and future options involving dual membership-one fee. Thumbs up Thumbs down 
* 50/50 raffle Money
So tell a friend Call me. Come on down.  Enjoy an evening next to the fire pit......or in the hot tub. Or....gathered around watching hang gliding Filmstrip video re-runs.  Lets warm up with thoughts of spring flying Island with palm tree.... and stories of adventures to be had.  RSVP's are always welcomed!  Helps with the planning. 
Contact info:
Phone: 410-527-0975
WEATHER: Storm cloud FYI if snow is likely to acumulate that night into Sunday....then meeting will be postponed. I will have a recorded message up by Saturday afternoon if cancelling due to weather. 
Richard Hays
Pres. MHGA